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Tzvi Yehuda “Hashko” Unreich – World War II Vet and More

Tzvi Yehuda was born in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia in 1920 and died in 1990.  Much gratitude to Rachele Weis, his daughter shared the following details about her loving father.  He served in British Army during WW II, in the Jewish brigade, which volunteered to fight the Germans.  Later he fought in 1955 as part of the Israel’s army.  In between these periods he built some of the roads heading to the south of Israel.  Later he arrived in the United States and worked for a construction company that built new developments in New York Staten Island.  Just like his other brothers he also did a lot of acts of loving and kindness, called “chesed” in Hebrew, volunteered doing the cleansing of dead Jewish bodies before they could get buried and gave a lot of charity. He would also dig graves when the gravedigger strikes would last for a couple of weeks in New York and would go to the Jewish cemetery and help volunteer to dig plots at night.  He was a very nice man and loving father.  

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