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Much gratitude to Beth Tfiloh School for the opportunity to connect students and staff to their roots as Jews, especially in this day & age is crucially important. Sharing my Saba’s deeds and how many people it took to bring Israel into being, some of whom we may never have known about, if not for the efforts documented and publishing in our book, is so very important. 


‘The Undercover Wrestler’ reveals an unknown story of diplomat Zalman On, who used his brawn and brains to save European Jews — and befriended Frank Sinatra (in Hebrew)


2020 - Keynote Presentation at the Baltimore Edward A. Myerberg Center

It was an honor to speak at the #Baltimore Edward A. Myerberg Center today. Thank you for the opportunity to share my grandfather’s story at the virtual zoom Bagel Boys education class. Great community and giving back program!

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2019 - The Baron's Honored to be part of the United Nations in NY Ceremony Exhibit about David Unreich 

The Baron's at the opening exhibition at the United Nations in NY showcasing “David Unreich - the Champion who challenged Hitler” hosted by PermRep @MichalMlynar and organized by @SlovakiaUNNY . Honoured to meet his descendants.

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2019 - The Story Behind ‘The Giant’

Harav Michoel Ber Weissmandl is one of the giants in the hatzalah efforts during the second World War. Mr. Weissmandl is remembered for his heroic efforts to save Jewish lives and both he and Gisi Fleischmann are connected to the Unreich family. --Hamodia


2018 - Unreich Prayer Hall

The Unreich children grew up in the house next door, but Zalman's father lead a chavrusa (study hall) that was located in the cellar on Kapucínska Street Number 7.


2017 - Wrestling Competition Award

Azriel Unreich awards the Defender of Excellence trophy to David Radchenko an Israeli wrestler | Photos: Ilan Shay. Link --Newspaper Seven Israel


2017 - Survivors from Poalei Agudas Yisrael

At the time, the askanim of the Vaad Hatzolah were in France. They were headed by Reb Moshe Enright, hatzalah askan and one of the heads of Poalei Agudas Yisrael in America.  Because money to purchase this property was not readily available, Mr. Enright paid the down payment out of his own pocket so that the contract could be signed. --Hamodia


2014 - The Last “Forgotten Schindler” 

Aron’s house on Heydukova street was less than 5 minutes walking distance from the Unreich’s house on Kapucinska street.  He's Zalman's mother's cousin.  Aron was an unknown rescuer of Jews, until recently. 


2008 - Unreich Shlomo and Shoshana: The Story of a Family

2008 publication about the Unreich family available at National Library of Israel.  


1952 - Haviva Reick Memory and Commemoration

1952 funeral journey passes through the ancient Jewish quarter of Prague before moving the bones of Haviva Reick and Rafi Rice to burial in Israel.  --Palmach Association


1944 - The Wrestler

In a 1944 sports article in Hebrew, Zalman captivated the audience's heart during the wrestling match... --Historic Jewish Press


1921 - Agudat Yisrael in Stupava (a town in western Slovakia)

Article about a Jewish ultra-Orthodox organization for observant Jews who opposed the Zionist movement, which Zalman’s father (Sulim Jonas Unreich) was affiliated with in the 1920s. --Österreichische Nationalbibliothek


Thanks Tzvi Ben-tzur, delighted continues to preserve and educate with Haifa University stories of Aliya Bet heroes. We appreciate the Hebrew article about Zalman’s 1948 contributions for Israel’s independence.


Author David Baron: “What is a hero? A hero is someone who’s selfless, puts others first and is willing to save lives at risk to themselves. My grandfather was never adequately recognized for [his bravery].” 

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2020 - My grandfather’s papers by David Baron on RAF Museum Stories

Thank you, RAF Museum, for the opportunity to contribute and share a story about my grandfather.  The Royal Air Force Museum launched RAF Stories as part of the their Centenary celebrations and commemorations project.  And a special thanks to Jess, the Community Engagement Officer at the RAF Museum, for the support and assistance to contribute this story about my grandfather’s connection to the Royal Air Force.  RAF Stories is a collection of stories from around the world about people and their history connected to the RAF.


2019 - Students in Westfield Hear Moving Testimony from Holocaust Survivor

It was 1942 in German-occupied Poland. Hundreds of thousands of Jewish people had been forced to leave their homes and live in the Warsaw Ghetto, enduring starvation and other deprivations. As rumors of mass deportation of Jews to Nazi death camps began to circulate among ghetto residents, Judy Reifer’s parents made a heart-wrenching, yet lifesaving, decision. Read more about Mrs. Reifer's recent compelling presentation to Edison 8th graders. -Westfield Public Schools

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2019 - Holocaust survivors: The families who weren’t meant to live...

A group of Holocaust survivors and their families gather in Prague’s Old Town Square to recreate a photo that was taken in 1945, when the survivors had just been liberated from Nazi concentration camps. In Zalman's collection, we have a photo of Mr. Enright with rescued orphans at same location. --BBC World News


2017 - The Forgotten History of Slovakia

Slovak history is full of forgotten heroes. This is also David “Dufi” Unreich, later known as Ben Shalom. This wrestling champion challenged Adolf Hitler's leader of Nazi Germany. --Aktuality


2016 - Honoring the Champion Wrestler, David Unreich,  Who Stood Up Against Hitler

In Bratislava, the Civic Association History without Borders in cooperation with the Central Union of Jewish Religious Communities recalled the memory of an David Unreich. -- Martin Mozer


2014 - Gisi Documentary

Gisi Fleischmann believed she could stop the Holocaust if only she succeeded to raise enough money. She led a resistance group in Slovakia.  --Go2Films


2009 - Eli Cohen Files Part II: The Making of a Masterspy

2009 publication reflects Eli’s trial testimony included his memories of recruitment. “One day a man named Zalman came to see me. He told me that they had kept an eye on my work and found that I was suited to a more responsible task.” -Wesley Britton


1964 book by Miriam Kubovy mentioned Zalman and Unreich family on many occasions while they lived in Prague on their diplomatic mission.  -Miriam Kubovy


1949 - Celebrating Israeli's Independence Day in Prague with Chef Edgar Krasa and Mr. Unreich 

Mr. Krasa (a very close family friend and holocaust survivor) took a job as the chef at the Israeli Embassy in Prague with the help of Zalman.  Both Mr. Krasa and his wife Hana, were assisted by Zalman to emigrate to Israel.  -Zalman Collection


1935 - 2nd Maccabiah Games in Palestine

Jewish sports competitions took place in Israel since 1932. If you search/ctrl-find, you’ll find Zalman participated in 1935 Palestine games and won first place in the heavyweight division in the Greco-Roman wrestling.  --The Sport


Dozens of articles found at the University Library in Bratislava - which provides an access to digitized papers such as Slovenský denník covering the Unreich family.  

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